The question has always been deep within all of us: How did the universe come to exist?

There are many theories surrounding its birth, but one thing is certain, the universe gave us a unique jewel, our planet. Endowing with precious minerals and metals of every conceivable colour and mystical shape, all components inextricably connected possess untold therapeutic and energising qualities.

These jewels have lain dormant for millennia under layers of bedrock. While above them, different forms of life, people, and cultures have come and gone bringing with them the evolution of the planet, of different lifeforms and of humankind, and of its architectural legacy.

The natural world and its colours, flora and fauna and a range of architectural styles are all influences of a lifestyle and an art form. These things are the essence of Rafael Giordano's inspiration and creations. He creates limitless jewellery that does not play by the rules. Selecting only the most precious minerals and metals, unencumbered by boundaries of shape, colour, style, and time, his jewellery adorns the person that wears it. The designs speak to an identity and personality because of the energy created between the jewellery and its owner at the moment they choose it.